Delegate Resignation

This transaction type enables delegates to block potential voters from voting for them if they choose to withdraw their status as delegates. A non-reversible transaction can be sent to the network to indicate that the delegate should no longer be included in any future forging rounds.

This transaction acts as a “kill command” for delegates who wish to resign or retire their delegate. Activating a delegate resignation will mean delegates will no longer be able to receive any new votes. Plus, for actively forging delegates, enabling delegate resignation will mean they permanently drop out of the top 51. This provides a clean and simple way to retire a delegate.

ARK Improvement Proposals AIP11 , AIP29
API Endpoints Link
AJV Schema Base | Delegate Resignation

Transaction Structure

Signed JSON Payload

2 "version": 2,
3 "network": 23,
4 "type": 7,
5 "nonce": "2",
6 "senderPublicKey": "037a12518205254e6ebf25290d9786fd9821c43bb7319c9fc2499c8d472809dfaf",
7 "fee": "2500000000",
8 "amount": "0",
9 "signature": "ad7a61a76433260ef9dc687311ab6c657f6c733dbf1a80c3514da823d43226235a70a94fa1a0b8cb2f4b3d0be5011945bfbe8c8fc5b5ca0e07f6c2a37e3cf11b",
10 "id": "ee2a5253e28f66d5546b28bba96b4fa88973305e2e0d3b82afd5b3386ab0b6d4"

Serialized Payload


Deserialized Hex Payload

Key Pos. Size (bytes) Value (hex)
Header: [0] 1 0xff
Version: [1] 1 0x02
Network: [2] 1 0x17
Typegroup: [3] 4 0x01000000
Type: [7] 2 0x0700
Nonce: [9] 8 0x0200000000000000
SenderPublicKey: [17] 33 0x037a12518205254e6ebf25290d9786fd9821c43bb7319c9fc2499c8d472809dfaf
Fee: [50] 8 0x00f9029500000000
VendorField Length: [58] 1 0x00
Amount: [..] 0 Not Serialized
Signature: [59] 64 0xad7a61a76433260ef9dc687311ab6c657f6c733dbf1a80c3514da823d43226235a70a94fa1a0b8cb2f4b3d0be5011945bfbe8c8fc5b5ca0e07f6c2a37e3cf11b
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