Security Vulnerability Disclosure Program

No software is ever perfect. Even fully vetted production releases can often have awkward bugs or security vulnerabilities that manage to slip through the cracks. We take the security of our network very seriously and want to do everything we can to encourage and incentivize responsible and timely reporting of any discovered vulnerabilities in our code. To do this, we provide a vulnerability reporting process that includes monetary rewards for bugs or errors in the ARK Core that could potentially harm or exploit the ARK network.

Security vulnerability disclosures are weighed based on the impact to the network and assigned a tier which determines the range of payment provided for proper disclosure. Patches are not required to receive payment for a vulnerability disclosure but any recommendations on potential mitigations are appreciated and welcome.

Note: All disclosures are examined on a case by case basis given the nature of the disclosed vulnerability and the impact on the network. Examples given are for reference only and do not indicate potential for final determination.


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Security Vulnerability Classifications

Below you will find several examples that outline the current tier structure and potential vulnerabilities that might fit into each category. This information is subject to change and current information will always be available on this page.

Critical Vulnerabilities: $5,000 - $10,000

Security vulnerabilities that have critical, usually irreversible or irreparable implications to the network or its infrastructure.

Examples: making ARK out of thin air, spending someone else’s ARK without the need of their private keys, replaying the same transaction multiple times without the need of private keys, exposing private keys via public methods, taking control of the entire network, permanently forking the network or a way to permanently destroy the integrity of the ARK blockchain without requiring a malicious delegate.

Severe Vulnerabilities: $2,000 - $3,000

Security vulnerabilities that cause severe problems to the networks for prolonged periods and usually don’t have irreparable implications.

Examples: stopping the whole network for longer periods of time, bringing majority / all delegates down, get into the blockchain DB invalid data (transaction, blocks).

Moderate Vulnerabilities: $500 - $1,500

Security vulnerabilities that can cause moderate, temporary problems, but don’t expose any private data or cause permanent harm.

Examples: slow down block propagation or the network, stop the network for a shorter period of time, making replay attacks under some restricted circumstances.

Basic Vulnerabilities: $100 - $300

Security vulnerabilities that usually have no impact on the whole blockchain infrastructure, but can still pose problems for some specific things.

Examples: things that only affect a subset of nodes (e.g. hardware failures caused by an attack when the server satisfies the minimum requirements specified, inconveniences caused by a malicious delegate).

To report a possible security vulnerability, please include your Name, preferred contact information, a full disclosure report, and a method to reproduce the issue being reported and email the information to [email protected] with the title “Security Vulnerability Report”.

Security Vulnerability Guidelines

To be eligible for compensation for reporting of a valid security vulnerability, researchers must meet the following criteria:

  • In order to receive payment, a proper invoice and personal information must be provided.
  • The Researcher must never have publicly disclosed the exploit or vulnerability.
  • The Researcher must not maliciously initiate an exploit on ARK Public Network. If testing is required for a potential vulnerability or to reproduce it, please use ARK Development Network or set up your own local ARK-based chain.
  • The Researcher must be able to completely reproduce and demonstrate the vulnerability or provide valid instructions so that our development team can do the same. This will allow us to properly test any patches prior to release.
  • Before reporting a security vulnerability, the Researcher should review public branches and the latest commits to see if the team is currently aware of the vulnerability. If after review the Researcher believes the security vulnerability is still present, a report should be submitted.

Disclaimer: Category of the severity of the disclosure and all monetary decisions are at the sole discretion of the Team and are final. Exploits that make indirect use of already known issues may not be eligible for payment. Examples are for reference only and do not impact or predict potential classification or payment. Past evaluations of security vulnerabilities are not indicative of future evaluations. Security vulnerabilities are paid in ARK or BTC based on the daily average rate before the payout at the sole discretion of the Team. Please direct any questions to [email protected] with the title “SV Program Help”.

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