Upgrading from v2.1 to v2.2 is fairly straightforward if you follow the instructions. Even though we try to ensure backward compatibility (BC) as much as possible, sometimes it is not possible or very complicated to avoid it and still create a good solution to a problem.

Upgrading a complex software project always comes at the risk of breaking something, so make sure you have a backup.


After upgrading you should check whether your application still works as expected and no plugins are broken. See the following notes on which changes to consider when upgrading from one version to another.


Be sure to complete all of the following changes before you continue to upgrade to the latest version.


  • Since 2.2 we no longer ship @arkecosystem/core-graphql by default, open the ~/.config/ark-core/<network>/plugins.js file (e.g. for mainnet using nano you would run nano ~/.config/ark-core/mainnet/plugins.js), locate the @arkecosystem/core-graphql plugin and remove the whole block.
1"@arkecosystem/core-graphql": {
2 enabled: process.env.CORE_GRAPHQL_ENABLED,
3 host: process.env.CORE_GRAPHQL_HOST || "",
4 port: process.env.CORE_GRAPHQL_PORT || 4005,

If you are using the plugin and want to continue using it you need to run yarn global add @arkecosystem/core-graphql and leave your configuration unchanged.

Upgrade Steps

Do not run any of the mentioned commands with sudo unless explicitly stated.

Installing 2.2.0

1pm2 delete all
2yarn global add @arkecosystem/core
3echo 'export PATH=$(yarn global bin):$PATH' >> ~/.bashrc
4export PATH=$(yarn global bin):$PATH

If you experience any issues with yarn after this or see a message like Command 'ark' not found a simple log out and log in should help.

Start Relay

1ark relay:start

Start Forger

1ark forger:start

Removing 2.1.0

1rm -rf ~/core
2rm -rf ~/ark-core
3rm -rf ~/core-commander

Reporting Problems

Due to 2.2 being distributed and managed in a completely different way than 2.1 there might be cases where unexpected issues show up.

If you happen to experience any issues please open an issue with a detailed description of the problem, steps to reproduce it and info about your environment.

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