ARK Grants Program

ARK Grants is a developer incentive program backed by a dedicated 1 million ARK fund. This program enables developers to get funding for building ARK-powered Proofs-of-Concept, applications, and plugins. Applying is a simple process, and projects are made open source to benefit the developer community.

Development Bounty Program

Developers may earn bounties for discovering bugs, developing new features and resolving issues in the ARK codebase. Contributors to the ‘Development Bounty Program’ do their part to make the ARK codebase fresh, updated, secure, and robust. Click below to learn more.

Security Vulnerability Program

Developers, auditors, and bug hunters may earn bounties for discovering and reporting security vulnerabilities in the Core Framework codebase. Reported vulnerabilities are handled on a case-by-case basis based on the nature and severity of the discovery. Contributors to the ‘Security Vulnerability Program’ do their part to make the Core Framework codebase secure and robust, and joining the program is simple.

Contribution Guidelines

Developers are expected to follow contribution guidelines to keep the codebase efficient, readable, and standardized. Contribution guidelines are clearly laid out so developers and contributors can submit their work without much revision, resulting in faster development and more useful contributions. Check out these guidelines before contributing code to the project.

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