What Is It?

The ARK Desktop Wallet is an application which allows you to manage ARK transactions. It provides an extensive set of functionalities, including management of profiles and wallets, the creation of both online and offline transactions, wallet summary, stylistic customizations, multilingual support, various currency integrations including BTC and much more!

Getting Started

To get started with th e ARK Desktop Wallet, follow the documentation below for guides on Installation, Wallet Navigation, Creating Wallets and more…


The ARK Desktop Wallet enables you to send a wide variety of transactions on the ARK Public Network and other ARK Core based Blockchains. Follow the guides below for information on each transaction.

Developer Guides

The ARK Desktop Wallet offers a wide range of customization which empowers developers to create Plugins to enhance the experience within the Wallet from Games, Utilities and Theme’s. Follow the guides below to get started with development within the ARK Desktop Wallet.


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