Docker Setup on Windows


It’s possible to use your favorite Windows IDE locally and build, test and run ARK Core in a native Linux environment. This can be done by using Docker for Windows .

Step 1: Install Prerequisites

Follow your operating system instructions and install:

  1. Docker Desktop for Windows
  2. Docker Compose

Step 2: Setup Docker Environment

Step 2.1: Configure Shared Drives

Once you installed Docker Desktop for Windows you’ll have to configure File Sharing so your Linux container can mount ARK Core repository cloned locally on your Windows system. Make sure your firewall and antivirus are turned off or configured to allow the above operation. Follow Docker Documentation - section FILE SHARING.

Step 2.2: Setup Line Endings Style


IMPORTANT! To avoid Windows and Unix format end of lines mess EOL . Prior to cloning ARK Core repository, enter the following code in your command prompt or PowerShell:

1git config --global core.eol lf
2git config --global core.autocrlf input

Unless your IDE has a special setting to preserve Unix format EOL, every file you edit and save in Windows will be converted to Windows format i.e. it will be CRLF instead of LF.


You must preserve Unix file format by all means as otherwise you’ll face issues when running Core in your Docker container.

Step 3: Clone ARK Core Repository

Clone official ARK Core repository. Recommended branch to use for development is develop. Our example uses D:\core as a PATH where we checkout the core repo, so if you do not want to edit docker-compose.yml, you just go ahead and clone ARK Core to the same path.

1cd d:\
2git clone
3cd core
4git checkout develop

Step 4: Running Your Container

Step 4.1: Clone Core-Docker Repository

1cd d:\
2git clone

Step 4.2: [Optional] Adjust ARK Core PATH


If you cloned ARK Core to any other PATH different than**D:\core** you’ll have to edit docker-compose.yml to match the path:

1cd core-docker/windows

Open file docker-compose.yml and:

Change line:

2 - d:/core:/core


2 - d:/your_local_path_to_checked_out_core_repo:/core

Step 4.3: Starting Your Container

Open PowerShell as Administrator and enter the following code:

1cd core-docker/windows
2docker-compose up -d

Entering the container shell with the following command:

1docker exec -it ark-testnet-core bash

You can now build and run ARK Core from inside the container. Example:


1cd /core
2yarn setup


1cd /core/packages/core
2yarn full:testnet

Start Core and Play With Public API

You can jump to Spinning Up Your First Testnet Section here and test your local Core Server, by following the link below:

Development - Launching a Testnet

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