Security Through Obscurity

When running an ARK node, especially a Delegate Node, you should consider your server’s security as your main priority.


During this guide, we will configure network and SSH parameters, which if improperly performed might permanently lock you out of your server. Ensure you fully understand each step before proceeding.

Security Through Obscurity

By outlining how to secure a node we’re breaking a fundamental property of network security. We are telling people how we are defending our network. This breaks the security through obscurity (Wikipedia Reference ) rule. If all nodes were secured in the same way, a single exploit might compromise the entire network. It is therefore vital that you consider other sources as well to secure your node.

Security - Using SSH

Security - Staying Up-to-Date

Security - Applying iptables

Security - Installing Fail2Ban

Security - Setting Up Port Knocking

Security - Cloudflare DDoS Protection

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