Install package with pip

1pip install arkecosystem-client


  1. Fork the package .
  2. Clone your forked repository.
1git clone<githubusername>/python-client
  1. Next, move into the fresh cloned directory.
1cd python-client
  1. The next step would be to create something like a virtual environment to ensure no name clashes occur.
  1. Create and enter the virtual environment
1# With virtualenv (on Unix and OSx)
2mkdir my-amazing-ark-project
3cd my-amazing-ark-project
4virtualenv virtualEnvName
5source venv/bin/activate
7# With virtualenv (on Windows)
8mkdir my-amazing-ark-project
9cd my-amazing-ark-project
10virtualenv virtualEnvName
  1. Once inside the virtualenv, you can proceed to install the dependencies. These are listed inside the file.
1pip install \
2 requests \
3 backoff \
4 flake8 \
5 flake8-import-order \
6 flake8-print \
7 flake8-quotes \
8 pytest \
9 pytest-responses \
10 pytest-mock \
11 pytest-cov
  1. Dependencies are now installed, you can now run the tests to see if everything is running as it should.
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