Mainsail Transaction Types Overview

This sections describes Mainnet Transaction Types and its structure related to the serde process (serialization and deserialization of transactions).


Transactions are the heart of any blockchain, cryptocurrency or otherwise. They represent a transfer of value from one network participant to another. In Mainsail, transactions can be of one of multiple types, specified in AIP11, which can affect the content and data structure of each transaction’s payload.

Using the ARK SDKs, developers can employ the programming language of their choice to build applications utilizing the Mainsail blockchain. The ARK SDKs are split into two packages for each language: Client and Cryptography.

Client SDKs help developers fetch information from the ARK blockchain about its current state: which validators are currently forging, what transactions are associated with a given wallet, and so on.

Cryptography SDKs, by contrast, assist developers in working with transactions: signing, serializing, deserializing, etc.

For more information about SDK implementations visit ARK SDKs hub.

In the following sections basic transaction types and their structure is presented. If you are interested in the signature generation process and algorithm used, please check the Cryptography Overview page.

List of Transaction Types

Transaction Types - Transfer

Transaction Types - Validator Registration

Transaction Types - Validator Resignation

Transaction Types - Username Registration

Transaction Types - Username Resignation

Transaction Types - Vote / Unvote

Transaction Types - Multisignature

Transaction Types - MultiPayment

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