Docker Setup on Linux and macOS

How To Set Up Docker Development Environment On Unix Based Operating Systems.


Docker is the de facto industry standard for packaging applications into a container. By doing so, all dependencies, such as the language run-times, operating system, and libraries are combined with the product.


This guide is for setting up the development environment with Docker. If you are looking for Mainsail testnet ready Docker images, they are now available at Docker Hub , but are not meant to be used for development purposes.

Option 1: Mainsail Core setup

The easiest way to get started with Mainsail is to use the official Docker image.

Follow setup instructions on the official mainsail-core docker image.

Option 2: Mainsail Core & Mainsail API setup

Alternatively, you can use the official Docker images for both Mainsail Core and Mainsail API.

Follow setup instructions on the official mainsail-core and mainsail-api docker images.

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