Mainsail CLI Commands

Mainsail comes packaged with a robust command line interface (CLI) which is an essential tool that enables any node operator to update, manage, or monitor their node installation without the need for external programs.

View the installed version of Core and a list of available CLI commands by typing the following in your terminal:



Before you can start using the core process, you need to deploy the configuration. You can deploy the configuration with the following command, if you want to join Mainsail official testnet:

1mainsail config:publish --network=testnet --reset

If you want to join official Mainsail testnet use following command:

1mainsail config:publish:custom --app= --crypto= --peers= --reset

Configure validator

You can set your node as a validator with the following command. This command will ask you for a validator mnemonic and will enable forging on your node. Validator should be registered on the network using the validator registration transaction, before you can start forging. Use the same mnemonic you used to register your validator’s BLS12-381 public key.

1mainsail config:forger:bip39


This series will describe the core process commands. The ‘core’ process will run Mainsail node a single process. You can start the core process with the following command:

1mainsail core:start
  • Run mainsail core:status to ensure that the core to check the status of your process.

You can view your core process logs with the following command:

1mainsail core:log
  • Check the logs to ensure that the process has started correctly


If your core process isn’t running, then an error should be displayed. You can check the status of your core process with mainsail core:status

You can restart your core process with the following command:

1mainsail core:restart
  • Check your core logs to ensure that the process has restarted successfully

You can stop your core process with the following command.

1mainsail core:stop

You can run the core process in foreground with the following command

1mainsail core:run
  • Exit the process and ensure that it has stopped from running with mainsail core:stop
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