Most of the issues you will encounter are related to pm2 not properly responding so the first thing you can try is to kill your pm2 daemon and refresh it.

1pm2 kill && pm2 cleardump && pm2 reset

If this doesn’t help, read the known issues below and see if any of those solve your issues.

Process Fails to Start After Update

If the processes fail to start or restart after an update it is most likely an issue with pm2. Running pm2 update should usually resolve the issue.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue you should run pm2 delete all && mainsail core:start && pm2 logs.

Process Has Entered an Unknown State

If you are receiving a message to the effect of The "..." process has entered an unknown state. your pm2 instance is not responding properly. This is usually resolved by a simple pm2 update, if that doesn’t help try pm2 kill to destroy the pm2 daemon so it gets restarted the next time an application tries to access it.

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