The majority of critical functionality in the Platform SDK requires wallets for testing. It can be quite tedious to figure out how to generate a wallet and find a faucet that is still working so we gathered a list of instructions and working faucets to shorten the time it takes for you to get up and running for development and testing.

Creating Testnet Wallet Instructions


Generate Cosmos Testnet Wallet

Receive Cosmos Testnet Tokens


Generate a Lisk Testnet Wallet

  • Download the Lisk Wallet https://lisk.io/wallet
  • Create Lisk account and follow on-screen instructions
  • Sign-In
  • Go to Settings
  • Enable ‘Network switcher’
  • Sign-Out
  • Select Sign-In
  • At the Sign-In page, change the network to ‘Testnet’
  • Enter passphrase to sign in
  • Select the ‘Wallet’ tab
  • Under ‘Wallet details’, your Lisk testnet address will be displayed.

Receive Lisk Testnet Tokens


Generate an EOS Testnet Wallet & Receive Testnet Tokens

  • Visit https://testnet.eos.io/
  • Register an account
  • Sign In
  • Select ‘Account Settings’
  • Select ‘Blockchain Accounts’
  • Select ‘Request Tokens’


Generate XRP Testnet Wallet & Receive Testnet Tokens


Generate an NEO Testnet Wallet

  • Download the NEON wallet - https://neonwallet.com/
  • Select ‘Create Wallet’ and follow on-screen instructions
  • Backup Keys securely
  • Login to created wallet
  • Go to Settings
  • Select Network Configuration
  • Change ‘Current Network’ to 2.X Testnet

Receive NEO Testnet Tokens

  • Request Testnet tokens on the NEO Discord
  • Alternatively, try this faucet but it didn’t work at the time of testing - https://neowish.ngd.network/


Generate an BTC Testnet Wallet

Receive BTC Testnet Tokens

Visit here - https://testnet-faucet.mempool.co/ Follow on-screen instructions to claim tokens


Generate ETH Ropsten Address

Receive ETH Ropsten Tokens

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