Starting the ARK Wallet

Once you load the application you will be met with this screen:

The content of each slide shares some details about some security and usability features of the app.

After reading through the welcome slides, you will be able to create a profile.

After you hit the Create A Profile button, you will be prompted to create a six-digit PIN confirm it afterward.


It is imperative that you remember this PIN.

Your new profile must then be assigned a name and a network. Mainnet is the one where your ARK tokens will be sent to and from. The Devnet is used for team members and contributors wishing to test additional functionality and should not be used. The remainder of this document assumes you’ve created a profile that uses the Mainnet.

Once you have entered your name, you can sign in by touching the profile you created and by entering the PIN you created earlier. From there, you can click on the bottom-right button to either create or import a wallet. You can find a guide on creating or importing wallets here.

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