Development Bounty Program

Our primary focus at ARK has always been on development. Without an amazing product, nothing else ultimately matters. In an open-source project such as ARK, advancing the codebase to the next level requires help from the wider community. With our Development Bounty Program, anyone can participate and earn rewards for contributions in ARK.

ARK’s GitHub is available at .

Pull-Request Tiers

We have decided to group PRs into tiers depending on their impact, code quality, test coverage, and complexity. This will bring more stability to our program and participants can anticipate how much their contributions will earn them.

Since ARK often hires from the community, this program is also a way to show your enthusiasm, skills, ethics and could lead to a position as a full-time developer for ARK. Few of our current developers started their journey with participation in our GitHub program.

The tiers serve as guidelines/frames and can vary based on the impact/size of the PR. Linting/code format PRs will be rejected as those will be automatically done by our bot.

All PRs that are code related need to be accompanied by tests or they will not be merged.

$200 USD PRs — Tier 1

Awarded for very large features, refactorings, improvements.

Really large or heavily requested feature additions, possibly performance improvements if they really make a big difference (e.g. loading 100 wallets in 1 second instead of 20, but that also required more than changing 1 line of code). Examples of this include extending API functionalities, resolving structural issues that cause circular dependencies, or adding a new bigger feature to our codebase (an example would be settings page to the Explorer, new plugin in the Core, …).

$100 USD PRs — Tier 2

Awarded for large features, refactorings, improvements.

Large features (that were most likely requested in an issue before) or large performance improvements. An example would be optimizing some parts of the Core for improved performance of a specific function, implementing a new feature in the desktop wallet or writing large documentation files that require a good understanding of the ARK code.

$50 USD PRs — Tier 3

Awarded for medium features, refactorings, improvements.

These pull requests cover medium refactors or optimizations of the code or additions of small non-essential features. An example of this would be reducing complexity or improving the performance of existing code, improving the readability of the code or writing new documentation files, which bring added value to the ecosystem.

$20 USD PRs — Tier 4

Awarded for small features, refactorings, improvements.

Regular small tier pull requests that fix small bugs, improve existing functionality or adds a new test. Examples of this include adding more test coverage for existing functionality or resolving small bugs that usually get reported by users.

Typos, link changes, small documentation updates, dependency updates, styling/linting, mostly non-code related work don’t constitute a monetary reward contribution but will earn you an attribution spot in our monthly developer blog posts (if no other monetary PRs were done).

Custom — Tier 0

If you want to work on much bigger changes or custom projects that you don’t think fit any of the above tiers contact us at [email protected].

Some examples of what a custom Tier 0 could cover — developing new modules for Core that bring in new functionalities (PoW module instead of DPoS), different voting systems, proxy voting, implementing AIPs, Wallet plugins, extended Explorer features, …

Invoice & Payments

Once your Pull Request has been accepted, you will be required to send an invoice in order to be eligible for payment. Invoices must include information such as: the individual’s name or company name along with the date, service provided, and payment amount. If you have had multiple approved pull requests in any given month, you are to add them to a single invoice.

Payments will be made at the beginning of each month for the prior month and will be paid in ARK with USD valuation at the time of the payout.

This all looks awesome. How can I get started?

You can browse through a selection of our GitHub repositories at .

Please make sure to read our contributing guidelines and follow instructions there: Contribution Guidelines.

Want to chat with other developers and brainstorm on new exciting ideas or share your thoughts?

Join the ACF’s Community Discord

Submitting PR (Pull-Request) is a tacit agreement of the ongoing terms. The decision of the monetary reward is the sole responsibility of the ARK team, and no appeals will be taken. We reserve the right to change any rules and rewards, as well as cancel this program at any time.

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