Writing a Review on MarketSquare

MarketSquare enables users to share their opinions and experience with a particular Projects by leaving Reviews. This provides valuable insight and gives Project Managers the ability to respond. Abusive or inappropriate reviews and comments can be reported by any user and are removed at the moderation team’s discretion.

Getting Started

Get started leaving a review by navigating to the Project’s page.

Click the ’Write Review ’Button

Scroll until a blue ‘Write Review’ button can be seen and press it.

Rate Project and Write the Review

Choose a rating (out of five stars) for the Project. Afterwards, provide a detailed review for the Project in the text box.

You must provide a written review along with the rating!

Once the review is complete, press the ‘Send’ button on the bottom of the form to publish the review.

If a review is flagged for abuse, it will be evaluated by the MarketSquare team and may be removed.

You have successfully written a review on MarketSquare!

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