Claiming a Curated Project

Curated projects are those added by the MarketSquare team. They can be claimed by the project’s official owner or an authorized representative by submitting a claim form. If approved, you’ll be given full ownership and be able to update your project’s details, respond to reviews, manage its team members, and more.

Getting Started

Get started claiming your project by navigating to its MarketSquare page.

You’ll notice a banner, as shown below, in the ‘Team Members’ section of your project’s listing.

Click the ‘Claim’ button to proceed.

The Claim Form

Only a project’s official owner or an authorized representative should submit a claim.

You’ll now be shown the claim form.

Verify that your details are correct, then add any relevant information to the message box. This additional info should be anything that might help the MarketSquare team verify ownership (eg links to official team pages, code repositories, social media profiles, press releases, etc).

When you’re ready to continue, click the ‘Submit Claim’ button.

The MarketSquare team will then review your submission and contact you if any additional details are needed.

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