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Hubs on MarketSquare are exactly what the name implies: the center of activity and focal point of a network. Our hubs on MarketSquare will focus on specific blockchain networks and categories that combine a vast amount of information in one place.

A Place to Start

For crypto veterans and newcomers alike, the amount of information and resources available on their favorite projects and ecosystems are fragmented across multiple platforms. In terms of quality, some of the information and resources out there range from OK to confusing at best.

MarketSquare’s Hubs are the answer to this problem. Hubs give you a birds-eye view of large ecosystems such as Ethereum, Polkadot, EOS, ARK and Hive. Moreover, Hubs cover a large variety of different resources and deliver that material in a condensed and easy-to-understand way.

Hubs will have a variety of sections ranging as the following:

  • Featured Projects
  • Trending Projects
  • Educational videos
  • News
  • and more!

Find more info at the MarketSquare YouTube channel , and don’t forget to subscribe!

A Place to Grow

With MarketSquare we are placing a high value not just on great content, but on content that educates and informs users. Blockchain concepts can be complicated. If we compound this with platforms that have their own consensus mechanisms, their own ways to set up accounts, it can all get very confusing.

We solved this by creating simple videos that serve as explainers and quick tutorials for new users. In addition, we have other videos that focus on the top dApps for certain platforms, top wallets and more. The goal is to have something for everyone. Even long-time followers of certain projects will have something to learn.

A Place to Connect

Not only are hubs a great way to connect with different communities and projects, but it is also a great way for MarketSquare to connect with our partners. Each Hub on MarketSquare, while containing overlapping categories and elements, will be slightly unique.

With feedback from our partners and the information they find to be the most valuable, each Hub will highlight the major aspects of their respective ecosystems.

Communities aren’t formed overnight, but with a strong offering of resources and content from MarketSquare, we hope to make that task easier.

Users can follow their favorite hubs to receive updates and stay informed. By hitting the follow button on a project’s specific hub, users will get all the latest announcements regarding Hub activity.

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