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When creating MarketSquare, we strived to make it easy for anyone to discover blockchain projects and applications in a streamlined way.


One of the key experiences in MarketSquare is the ability to easily discover businesses, blockchains, applications, and network validators in the blockchain industry. The number of new applications and projects being introduced on a daily basis in the blockchain space are vast. From a user perspective, it can be difficult to make sense of what is useful. For a new user, the process of reviewing and researching different projects can be incredibly daunting.

This goes for developers and project founders as well, sometimes it may feel like you’re yelling into an echo chamber. We make it easy to discover businesses, blockchains, applications, and network validators.

By searching through different categories using our robust search function and following your favorite projects, it has never been easier to learn about, interact with and follow projects within the blockchain industry.

Forging Relationships

One of the principal goals of MarketSquare is to empower users with the tools necessary to forge new relationships in the blockchain space.

A primary social feature is the ability to add team members to your properties.

Whether you’re running a network validation node with a friend, or managing a team of 100+ people, you will benefit from having a presence on MarketSquare.

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