Handling Notifications on MarketSquare

Now that we’ve learned about updating our Profile, creating Projects, managing Teams, and working with Reviews, it’s time to take a quick look at handling Notifications on MarketSquare.

Notifications are typically received whenever we receive a comment on one of our project reviews, or whenever one of our projects receives a review. We will also receive a notification when a Hub we are following makes an announcement.

Getting Started

We can view notifications by clicking the ‘bell’ icon at the top of the page next to our Profile Avatar. This will give us a look at our most recent notifications.

To see a full list of notifications, simply click the ‘Show All’ button.

The Notifications Page

Here we can see all of the notifications in our inbox.

Clicking ‘Take Me There’ will redirect us to the relevant review or announcement.

Managing the Notifications Inbox

The notifications inbox has several options for managing the messages we’ve received.

To the right of the page, we have quick notifications access to ‘Mark all as read’.

To the left, we have options to select all notifications or select them individually. This will allow us to either mark the selected messages as ‘read/unread’ or ’starred/unstarred ’.

This is also where we can delete notifications we no longer wish to keep.

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