Creating a MarketSquare Account

MarketSquare makes it easy to discover, use, and collaborate on blockchain-powered projects as well as forge new relationships with other people in the blockchain technology space. If you have a Network Validation Node, Business, Blockchain or Plugin that you want to list, or if you want to leave reviews, signing up is a breeze and only requires a valid email address.

Creating a MarketSquare account gives the ability to engage with the MarketSquare platform, bring more attention to a projects, and offer opportunities to collaborate with like-minded individuals.

Getting Started

To get started, click the ‘Sign Up’ button at the top right of the MarketSquare Homepage.

The MarketSquare Sign Up Page

This page will require the following items:

  • Username: used to sign into MarketSquare
  • Display Name: featured on projects and reviews
  • Email Address: used to receive notifications, updates, and announcements
  • Password: see the password guidelines below
  • Terms of Service: confirm that the terms of use have been read, reviewed, and agreed to

Password Requirements:

  • One lowercase character
  • One uppercase character
  • One number
  • One special character
  • 12 characters minimum


Once the information has been entered and confirmed, click the final ‘Sign Up’ button. The next page will present a ‘Verify Your Email Address’ image as pictured below.

Verifying the Account via Email

An automated email will be sent from MarketSquare requesting email verification. This link should be clicked from the same device and browser used to create the account.

If the email doesn’t appear, check the your spam folder or use the ‘click here to request another’ on the ‘Verify Your Email Address’ page.

MarketSquare Sign Up, Success!!!

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