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This documentation will guide you through each step of the ARK Deployer in detail. If you get stuck anywhere while creating your new bridgechain, this documentation will help you get back on track. A useful resource to check before creating your own blockchain using ARK technology would be the ARK Whitepaper , which covers Core specifications and capabilities, and our live documentation resource which goes into more technical detail on ARK Core and peripherals.

Before using the ARK Deployer to create a blockchain, there are a few concepts and tasks that need to be addressed:

  • Designing Blockchain Parameters & Economic Model
  • Network Requirements
  • VPS vs. Dedicated Hardware vs. Local
  • Creating Hardware and Obtaining IPs
  • Connecting to Servers
  • Creating New User on Server
  • Giving New User Sudo Privileges
  • Securing the Servers
  • Preparing Github
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