Adding Network Peers

With your genesis node now up and running, it’s time to add peers, or other nodes, to your network. Be advised to add the correct number of peers depending on how your genesis node is configured:

  • Testnet - no additional peers required
  • Devnet - 5 additional peers
  • Mainnet - 20 additional peers

The process to add peers to your bridgechain network is just like adding a node to the ARK Public Network. For each peer server, perform the following:

  1. Replacing GITHUB_USERNAME with your or your project’s GitHub username execute:
1bash <(curl -s
  1. Wait as the procedure runs.
  2. You will be prompted to select mainnet, devnet, or testnet. Choose the same net as the genesis node you set up for the given network.
  3. Confirm with Y.
  4. You will be prompted to declare database credentials username, password, and database name. These are for internal server use and can be anything, including something like bridgechain, bridgechain and bridgechain.
  5. The process will complete.
  6. To start relay process execute (replacing bridgechain at the start with yours):
1bridgechain relay:start
  1. To observe logs type:
1bridgechain relay:log


1pm2 logs

You will see the synchronization process occur and the relay should eventually catch up and start receiving new blocks. 9. Repeat this procedure for each peer.

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