Customization Levels

The ARK Deployer offers you three levels of customization when creating a bridgechain. These three levels still result in a full-featured blockchain. The main differences between these levels is the way the Deployer will omit customization steps and use defaults instead. The level of customization you wish to be exposed to is up to you.

Basic Level

This level will allow you to configure a bridgechain where only the necessary variables are customized, with all others being default. In essence, this will create a bridgechain with identical properties of the ARK Public Network, aside from identity variables like chain name, ticker symbol, address prefixes, and other identity-related variables.

Intermediate Level

This level allows you to customize identity variables as well as variable pertaining to the economic model of your chain, like number of delegates, blocktimes, fee structure, block rewards, and others. This level is a common choice, because it exposes all important variables to you, and you can use defaults for individual parameters as needed.

Advanced Level

This level opens up all variables to you for customization, including advanced variables like installation paths and service port numbers. Be advised that if you modify these types of variables, it may become more difficult to make your way through the guides, as they will use default variables.

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