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Vote & UnVote Transaction

A key feature of the ARK DPoS model is that each address can vote for one delegate of their choosing to secure the network. A vote and unvote transaction type is therefore necessary to enable this functionality. Once an address votes for a delegate, funds can enter and leave the address as needed, and vote weight adjusts automatically. Voting does not send funds to the delegate’s ARK address in question - it only assigns vote weight

Holders of ARK vote through their wallets for delegates who secure the network, insert blocks into the ledger, and create new ARK. The top 51 vote earners are named elected forging delegates. Number of delegates is related to DPOS mechanism configuration.

ARK Improvement Proposals AIP11, AIP29
API Endpoints Link
AJV Schema Base | Vote&UnVote Transaction

Transaction Structure

Signed JSON Payload

    "version": 2,
    "network": 23,
    "type": 3,
    "nonce": "2",
    "senderPublicKey": "02555806bca6737eaeaff6434d5171bac8aeb72533ed9bafb280dd11b328a3822d",
    "fee": "100000000",
    "amount": "0",
    "asset": {
        "votes": [
    "signature": "77a40e4b4170ce613c8f9ccc0650887349330a9a8b459189ee379c88cf2c8506d65aa3ca8293705373f1bde8d6b27e5071de1785ac9c0182f41e364f8f9e3b64",
    "id": "fd59eaa4a2bbb3570c7b01ad464c968aa9bf73a40e0417c802ab30553ded8476"

Serialized Payload


Deserialized Hex Payload

Key Pos. Size (bytes) Value (hex)
Header: [0] 1 0xff
Version: [1] 1 0x02
Network: [2] 1 0x17
Typegroup: [3] 4 0x01000000
Type: [7] 2 0x0300
Nonce: [9] 8 0x0200000000000000
SenderPublicKey: [17] 33 0x02555806bca6737eaeaff6434d5171bac8aeb72533ed9bafb280dd11b328a3822d
Fee: [50] 8 0x00e1f50500000000
VendorField Length: [58] 1 0x00
Number of Votes: [59] 1 0x01
Vote: [60] 34 0x0102555806bca6737eaeaff6434d5171bac8aeb72533ed9bafb280dd11b328a3822d
Signature: [94] 64 0x77a40e4b4170ce613c8f9ccc0650887349330a9a8b459189ee379c88cf2c8506d65aa3ca8293705373f1bde8d6b27e5071de1785ac9c0182f41e364f8f9e3b64

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