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Second Signature Registration

This transaction type enables a user to add an extra layer of security to their address by creating a second passphrase, using mnemonic code for generating deterministic keys via BIP-39 to produce an additional 12 words. Once a second signature has been registered to a wallet, the owner of the wallet will then be required to input their primary and secondary passphrase when sending a transaction to the network.

ARK Improvement Proposals AIP11, AIP29
API Endpoints Link
AJV Schema Base | Second Signature

Transaction Structure

Signed JSON Payload

    "version": 2,
    "network": 23,
    "type": 1,
    "nonce": "2",
    "senderPublicKey": "02e0c063777427ac196af3c426fd648231ebc4ea06fff5edb1652b98f9c8420c69",
    "fee": "500000000",
    "amount": "0",
    "asset": {
        "signature": {
            "publicKey": "02877e4f35c76abaeb152b128670db0a7ae10b3999afcd28a42938b653fbf87ae9"
    "signature": "adb983dd28827860f69c6a98b2f9db88a9e084cc7fe3a691463377c3225b02fee24547b516d1cf05f2f77b65a9c36069f6540605c01694008e2a5cb4fc88f62f",
    "id": "4c2cd8c4281a34a60505f260d067e5c678d3c57510bfbcda24c5e0da5f46bd5e"

Serialized Payload


Deserialized Hex Payload

Key Pos. Size (bytes) Value (hex)
Header: [0] 1 0xff
Version: [1] 1 0x02
Network: [2] 1 0x17
Typegroup: [3] 4 0x01000000
Type: [7] 2 0x0100
Nonce: [9] 8 0x0200000000000000
SenderPublicKey: [17] 33 0x02e0c063777427ac196af3c426fd648231ebc4ea06fff5edb1652b98f9c8420c69
Fee: [50] 8 0x0065cd1d00000000
VendorField Length: [58] 1 0x00
Second PublicKey: [59] 8 0x02877e4f35c76abaeb152b128670db0a7ae10b3999afcd28a42938b653fbf87ae9
Signature: [67] 64 0xadb983dd28827860f69c6a98b2f9db88a9e084cc7fe3a691463377c3225b02fee24547b516d1cf05f2f77b65a9c36069f6540605c01694008e2a5cb4fc88f62f

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